Beautiful Trauma
Assassins Legacy

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Assassin’s Legacy, The

Publisher: Dead or Alive Press
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Action · Thriller
Language: English
“Love badass female leads? Love action and intrigue? This is a great book to pick up! I”
– Shannon Casey
A love to kill for. A love to die for. And a secret that keeps the body count rising.

Aeron’s Legacy is to protect the innocent. Luke’s Legacy is to lead his fellow assassins into a new generation. With a traitor trying to kill them both, they must gamble lives they’ve sworn to protect to ensure the survival of their hidden society.

But only one of these assassins has the true enemy in their sights while the other gambles an innocent life. As the body count rises around them, Aeron and Luke must determine which lives are worth saving and which deaths they can justify in order to protect each other and stop the Legacy from being destroyed.

With morally gray characters and intense action scenes, “The Assassin’s Legacy” will steal your heart and possibly break it. If you enjoy books like Jack Ryan or TV shows like Nikita, this thrilling novel is a must-read. However, be aware that the book contains sensitive topics such as violence against children, death of children, as well as mention of sexual assault and domestic violence. Therefore, the book is recommended for mature readers aged 18 and above.

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