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Authors – How to Brand You and Your Books

Publisher: Southern Dragon Publishing
Year of Publication: 2022
Book type: How To | Non Fiction
Age: Adult
Genre: How To
Sub Genre: Contemporary
Language: English
Key Phrases: Author Business Basics · Book Marketing, · How To Find Readers · Publishing Journey Basics · social media · Your Writing Business
“Authors: How to Brand You and Your Books by Jolene MacFadden is a 5 Stars read for me. First, and most important to me for a book on social media, Top Ten was clearly written with easy to follow information. I did not have to read five paragraphs when one would do. The tips on how to connect my various platforms gave me so many ideas. More importantly, it showed me how to use my posting time more wisely. When to post for optimum results depending on the platform. How to find that timing. How often to post. How to track the results. How long to wait to decide if my time investment is working. Every one of these answers matters a great deal to me. As much as I would like to devote all my time to my writing, I can’t. I have a working farm. Although it is small it takes up a chunk of my day. Writing itself is another time consuming delight. Social media is fun but it is also very necessary for connecting with fans, new readers, other authors and new markets.”
– Submitted by International Award Winning Romance Author – Lacey Dancer on Amazon
We Help Authors With the Indie Publishing Journey

Digital Marketing Assistance for the Business Challenged Writer

One of the most difficult tasks for any creative talent is to effectively brand ourselves and our stories.

This book will help you.

From websites to the most popular social media platforms, I have experienced it all, and will provide you with most of the tips and tricks I have learned through the years. This book will also help you gain some basic understanding behind the ‘why you should do these tasks yourself’. It has become a requirement in today’s publishing climate for both indie and traditionally published authors to have a social media presence. This book will show you the different places you should be spending your valuable time to, hopefully, be most effective at connecting with your readers and make more sales. I include some great ideas on what to post, how often, and when. (Of course, you do what is best for you and your schedule)

The main goal is to inform, encourage, and to show you that YOU CAN DO THIS or you, your readers, and your professional book writing business

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