Beautiful Trauma

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Blood Rain

Red Diamonds Series

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Romance
Sub Genre: Crime
Language: English
“The second you get comfortable with this book, you be thrown another twist and turn that will have you holding your breath, never knowing what Tierney will throw at you next. This is a 10/10 read, that you won’t wanna put down anytime soon, highly recommended. Can’t wait for the rest of the series.”
– From Amazon review
A dark RH mafia romance with MM and plenty of action, badass FMC and more!

Diamond Grove has been owned by gangs since its conception,
and out of the ashes of war, the Red Diamonds rose and claimed the crown of the city.
We made our people prosper, we saved them.
We may be a gang but we are also a family, and nobody f*cks with our family and gets away with it.
My family has ruled these streets since my grandfather walked the earth but now someone is coming for our crowns.
They took out my aunt, my mother,
and now my father.
The next one on their list is me.
I haven’t even been coronated yet,
but you best believe that I will fight for what is mine with every fiber of my being.
This city and our vengeance are mine, and I will have it.
Even if it means I have to rain blood down upon the very streets I vow to protect.

This story follows the tale of twenty-year-old Sapphire Montana, who finds herself entirely alone and with no choice but to fight to keep herself alive and claim back the city that she was always destined to own. With the help of the local mechanic’s boys and some friends in faraway places, she aims to take back her birthright and avenge her family. This is a mafia-style series, where the female main character is the one in power and her men are not.

Blood Rain is book one in an ongoing set of four books in the Red Diamonds series following Sapphire’s POV. Any book after that will be the story of a different Montana family member, and can be read separately, or in publication order for a better story arc. It is a dark RH  (with MM) romance, with a Latina FMC, diverse other characters, and plenty of action, romance and more. Triggers are on my website, found via social media bio – insta @tierneystorer / tiktok @tierneywrites

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