Beautiful Trauma

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Dark White

Publisher: Independently Published
Year of Publication: 2020
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Thriller
Sub Genre: Action · Crime · Mystery · Urban
Language: English
“This book picks you up and never lets go. The prose is well-written, pacing fast, and the characters are unique and interesting. I end up rooting hard for Gavin within seconds of meeting him; he’s a perfect serial character that I will be returning to, for sure. I love how his past–and all the issues he must overcome–intertwine so well with the murder plot in the story foreground. I’ve read other books by this author, and each one is better than the last!”
– Mangohomer – Amazon Review
Not everyone gets to live their dreams.

A modern noir thriller. Gavin Gayle is a myth, a Chicago urban legend. The man that takes care of things when the justice system fails. The shocking truth is, he’s real. Sent to prison unjustly, he is secretly released by a corrupt State’s Attorney. His life is a secret that she controls. But, when Gavin’s ex-girlfriend is accused murder, he must choose between protecting his secret or saving her life. Intrigue, deception, and murder propel this nail biting thriller to its shocking conclusion. The only question is, who survives?

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