Beautiful Trauma

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Darkest Before Dawn

Infinity Chronicles

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Romance
Sub Genre: Paranormal
Language: English
“I first got this book on Kindle, after some reading I decided I need to own the physical copy. I’m an incredibly fast reader but find myself taking my time with this book so I can really enjoy it. The characters are engaging, the imagery puts me right into their world”
– Amanda Kuppinger
It is in the darkest moments just before the dawn when we find our true strength.

What happens when you toss together a jaded immortal who has all but given up on the idea of love and a twenty-six-year-old whose mundane life has started to spiral?

Kari is a twenty-six-year-old trapped in the nine-to-five nightmare as a lowly fact-checker for a local newspaper. Her love life wasn’t doing much better after finding out her boyfriend had left her for one of his dance pupils. Between looming deadlines and a best friend who keeps trying to set her up on blind dates. She needed a change and fast.

What she didn’t know was that change would come in the form of a dark, secretive man who saved her life one night when she was attacked by a creature from lore. He has promised to protect her at all costs from paranormal forces who seek to bring humanity to its knees. Something ancient about him pulls at her heart and soul.

Can she learn to trust him, realize her own strength, and the part she has to play in saving humankind? Or will she fail and bring about the apocalypse…

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