Beautiful Trauma

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Loosely Women

Loosely Women Book 1

Publisher: Independently Published
Year of Publication: 2016
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: LGBT
Sub Genre: Contemporary · Humour · LGBT
Language: English
Key Phrases: should have been a sitcom · transgender friends · transgender lives
“There is so much feeling for the subject in this book. I had to read this twice to fully appreciate every detail which are all so relevant.”
– Amazon Customer
A night out is just the beginning

Louise is a bit of a neat freak, one bus-stop short of full-blown OCD.

But she’s about to make the lives of Daniel and Simon very messy indeed.

Daniel has been using his alter ego, Dani, as an escape from his loveless marriage. She is his deepest secret until Louise bulldozes her way in and makes him face the truth. From revealing the secret to himself, his parents, and friends, there’s one person he’s dreading telling the most—his wife.

Meanwhile, Simon has buried a secret for twenty-five long years. He made one slip-up and undid the promise he’d made to himself. Now his daughter has teamed up with Louise and he can’t avoid the truth any longer. Will he have the courage to embrace his true self, or will he push the beach ball back under the waves to avoid that awkward conversation with his wife? The problem is, Simone has glimpsed the wide world, and she likes it!

Loosely Women is the first of three books and leads the comedy conga in unreasonably high heels and poorly applied makeup.

Sometimes promises must be broken. Let the chaos commence.

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