Beautiful Trauma

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Love With Every Beat

Everything Trilogy

Publisher: Independently Published
Year of Publication: 2014
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Romance
Sub Genre: Contemporary
Language: English
Key Phrases: Rockstar · second chance

All women are beautiful… Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. But sometimes there’s one that really hits the spot and steals your breath without them even knowing you exist. Lily Parnell was that woman for me. Women came easy to me…and for me, for that matter. But Lily was—different. The first time I saw her I didn’t just want her, I craved her… and once we had met, I knew she felt the same.The heated chemistry, s*xual tension, and our burning desire for one another fanned the flames of passion between us.It was never supposed to be a hearts and flowers romance we agreed that at the start. Until one day Lily decided what I had to give her wasn’t enough, a girl like her deserved everything.Love with Every Beat is the rockstar, Alfie Black’s, story. It’s his words, his angsty rockstar romance, and his account of the Everything Trilogy. This five hundred page novel will give you a totally different point of view on the fierce love affair between Alfie and Lily.”A complicated and beautifully written story. The characters live, breathe and tear out each other’s heart on the pages until true love finds its rightful course and the reader is completely lost in the magnificent journey of Alfie and Lily. I loved, loved, loved this book.” – ReviewerI want to forget I read this book so I can read it for the first time again!! The Cozy Reader blogNew Adult, Romance, Romantic suspense. 205k Alfie Black’s POV from the Everything Trilogy in one complete book.

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