Beautiful Trauma

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My Significant Nobody

Publisher: Atmosphere Press
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Romance
Sub Genre: Contemporary · Humour
Language: English
Key Phrases: bar · comedy · jealousy · new york
Spice Level:

The spice rating is in regards to the type of sexual content within the book. Below is a helpful guide (courtesy of Georgia C Leigh)

1= YA romantic, making out, MAYBE a closed door.
2= some on page foreplay and nudity but mostly fade to black.
3= open door, on page vanilla sex.
4= on page sex – hot or with kink.
5= erotica.

Where does your loyalty lie?

Where does your loyalty lie?

This question haunts James, infamous in New York for his bar and his playboy lifestyle. James knows what he wants. That is, until his best bartender, Amber proposes a casual sex relationship. The rules were simple: tell no one, do not get attached, and absolutely do not fall in love. But when James’ best friend enters a relationship with Amber, the rules that were originally easy to follow, become an unexpected liability.

In My Significant Nobody, by Stevie D. Parker, friendships are tested, rules are broken, and a simple plan transforms into a whirlwind of emotions, epiphanies and the ultimate test of loyalty.

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