Beautiful Trauma

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Phantom of the Parkway, The

Five Points Stories

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Action · Horror
Sub Genre: LGBT
Language: English
Every town has a ghost story

In 1901 Cliven Bundy took a shortcut through Blue Creek Forest headed for the family home. He never made it.

Eric Cooper and Taylor Torosyan are headed to summer camp in the same forest. Begrudgingly. Their parents are involved in a charity for at-risk LGBTQ youth and they have to go and be the good sons when they really just want to stay home, play video games, and chill.

But when their friends Cindy and Meera have a chance sighting of the Phantom, the town’s resident ghost, Eric and Taylor become determined to track it down.

The local indigenous people had stories of the old man of the forest going back to the earliest days. But is the Phantom a ghost or something worse?

And just what is going on in the haunted cabin in the woods?

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