Beautiful Trauma

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Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Thriller
Sub Genre: Horror
Language: English
Key Phrases: Anthropomorphic · Mental-health
“If you like a good horror thriller that can invade and subvert your daily life practices, then I highly recommend Remtessi.”
– Crab of Crab & Bell Books
Nasco feels what it’s like to be a young human, both the exciting and degrading.

The Subconscious, where human souls threaten the anthropomorphic citizens called Remnants, is protected by an organization known as the Remtessi. As the human souls become more powerful, the highest-ranking members of the Remtessi, known as the Eight, struggle to find an effective solution.

One such member is Manipo, whose soul is trapped in the body of a doll after a tragic accident. To regain his physical form, he tasks his assistant, Nasco, to monitor Zach, an overly ambitious human starting his freshman year of college.

Soon Nasco starts to feel the effects of Zach’s increasing stress and Manipo’s desperation leads him to reveal his true motives.

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