Beautiful Trauma

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Shadow Game

If No One Hears Them Scream Would You Still Care?

Publisher: Accounts of Mystics and Men | Independently Published
Book type: Novel | Picture Book | Serial
Age: Adult
Genre: Drama
Sub Genre: Contemporary · Crime · Experimental · LGBT · Mystery · Political Thriller
Language: English
Key Phrases: Anti-Establishment · Autistic Mc · Disabled MC · First Person · multiple POV · Political · Present Tense
In Power We Distrust

The sinister lie dystopia tells is of ravaged worlds and survival of the fittest. But a dystopia is more subtle than that. Truth is, you are living one right now, and the world isn’t desolate, or devoid of other people. In fact, there are a billion of them globally speaking. Not that they don‘t exist, it is that they are often silenced. When the police are the gangs patrolling the street, where do people go? Who serves the unheard and under served?

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