Beautiful Trauma

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Sick! Stories From The Goop Trop

Publisher: DarkLit Press
Book type: Short Story Collection
Age: Adult
Genre: Horror
Language: English
“The aptly-entitled SICK presents a trinity of bold authors pursuing extreme gross-out body horror with an aura of perverse joy. If the body is a temple, these weirdos have stormed it not in anger, but in a mad revel of pus and cum laden excess. Do not buy this book for your mom.”
– Joe Koch
Steel your stomach and prepare to get SICK!

SICK! STORIES FROM THE GOOP TROOP is a collection by the most gag-inducing authors around: Lor Gislason, Shelley Lavigne, and Eric Raglin. Their stories feature fluid-swapping, cannibalism, bug-eating, bodily disintegration, and more.

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