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The Mysteries Of Woodland Academy

Publisher: Absolute Author Publishing House
Year of Publication: 2021
Book type: Novel
Age: Middle-Grade Fiction (8-12)
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Sub Genre: Action · Adventure · Contemporary · Fantasy · Historical Fiction · Magical Realism · Mystery · Psychological · Suspense · Urban Fantasy
Language: English
Key Phrases: action, games · boys and girls 12-18 · christian fiction · clean morals classic · faith building · family inspirational · magical castle school · magical realisim · mystery and psychology · parents approval · survival academia book · suspense supernatural · talking animals
“Beautiful This is the perfect book for your young adult readers! Journey with these fun characters as they face many challenges and mysterious obstacles. Grow your faith in a unique and fun way! Such an easy, upbeat story! We need more books like this one! Inspiring for everyone.”
– Sarah K Amazon
A young girl and her best friend enrolls into an enchanting school that challenges her beliefs when she discovers the orgin of the school’s mysteries.

Natalie Evergreen’s best friend, Samantha Harper, is moving away to attend Woodland Academy, a prestigious private preparatory school in Virginia, far away from Memphis, TN. Natalie is unwilling to break up their friendship, so she agrees to attend Woodland Academy with her, where they encounter supernatural occurrences. Although, Natalie is smitten by the school’s enchantments, splendor, and wonders, Natalie is determined to understand these mysteries with Sam. Natalie learns there’s more to Woodland Academy than meets the eye. The secrets of the school will test her mind and heart.  Natalie knows every decision she makes is crucial, but one thing is certain, her life will never be the same again. Find out what awaits Natalie in this coming-of-age story in The Mysteries of Woodland Academy.

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