A M Alcedo

A.M. Alcedo is a MSW, CSW, and licensed therapist who adores the mental health field and the sacred space she’s permitted to hold for her clients. Much like Norah Kestrel, A.M. Alcedo has found healing, hope, and power through her own grief, loss, and pain. Of the Stars orbits vulnerable characters and a raw hope that A.M. Alcedo very much needed when she was young. This debut novel is written in solidarity for those who have lived in the empty, lonely cove of grief and isolation, warming their hands by the fierce fires they built themselves. This book is to remind them that there are endless coves along the shore occupied by others, just like them. This book is a love letter to honor their story. To let them know they are not alone, they are not forgotten, and that they matter.

Ava Mae is a wife to a man who can fix anything and a mother to Pancake the calico, along with a shit ton of house plants. She is a lover of Puh’erh tea, anything matcha flavored, birdwatching with binoculars, doodling unicorns, hiking to waterfalls, and getting new tattoos. Above all else, she feels her Purpose is to hold space for the sacred stuff of others.