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Just like the Bookshelf this database is fueled directly by creatives. Every person is on an equal footing, with all services being displayed randomly within their category, ensuring everyone gets a fair chance to shine.

Here we list cover artists, editors, proofreaders, layout and typesetting specialists, as well as indie publishers!

This directory is for all authors as a one-stop resource to help them on their publishing journey!

Christian Francis

Christian Francis

Price range/rate: Negotiable
Location: England
Genre: Horror, thriller, fantasy (usually)

With over two decades of design experience, Christian has created hundreds of book covers, posters and key art images as well as formatted layout and typeset for both print and digital.

Examples of work:


Price range/rate: Negotiable based on service
Location: Toronto, Canada
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Romance

Kristina is an artist and designer who started her work in graphic design, but always had a passion for books. She has been working alongside the publishing industry in one way or another for over ten years now. Her work as included cover designs, typesetting, map creation, promo images and videos, editing and proofreading, and more.

Although she enjoys creating covers in various genres, she prefers to work in fantasy and science fiction with original art (though she will defer to stock photos for a different quality when needed). Her love for the creative fields has given her experience in both traditional and digital art, including unique designs in black and white, illustrations, character art, scene art, and most recently 3D art. Add to that her love for typography, which has even led her to creating some custom fonts!

Thank you for looking through her work and be sure to check back on a regular basis as she updates her book covers on here.

Examples of work:

Lené Pieters

Price range/rate: See breakdown in the description.
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Genre: Fiction: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance, Historic, Thriller, Horror.

Let’s elevate your story to its full potential, provide a satisfying and immersive reader experience for an international audience and preserve your voice. My two decades living in the Middle East with over 200 nationalities has been a fascinating educational experience. Comparing all the various literary devices and styles of fiction beloved by people in different languages and cultures, I have discovered that the international audience does not care whether there is a formulaic three-act structure in the plot (as an example). Most international readers are multilingual, highly educated and love a well-balanced yet unique story with a satisfying conclusion. English is a flexible language and thus, it is an honor for me to support independent writers who break the mold and explore new avenues in fiction. As most of my clients also hail from various countries, nationalities and English dialects, I help polish their English manuscripts to appeal to the widest international reader base while retaining their regional flavor and cultural contexts.

I am a ghostwriter, indie writer, editor, artist and paralegal with almost 30 years experience in various fields ranging from legislative and litigation drafting, financial services regulations, commercial contracts, litigation (commercial, criminal and family law), corporate communications, technical writing including manuals and investigations related to family law, medical, engineering, the financial industry, Web3 blockchain & NFTs, as well as  ghostwriting and editing different genres of fiction since the days when the internet first connected the writers of the world.

My current services focus on developmental editing (light touch and intensive) in order to find and fix everything in your manuscript that could potentially disrupt the readers’ experience and affect the plausibility of your narrative. I am also well-versed in cultural, religious and sensitivity issues in manuscripts. Light touch involves one beta read feedback letter (may include multiple rereads of the manuscript) plus notes/comments on the MS. The intensive developmental editing package includes multiple rereads of the MS, continuous communication with the writer to clarify, suggest and include edits and/or ghostwriting portions as well as notes/comments on the MS and a comprehensive feedback letter of issues that require fixing. I usually allow writers a 90 day window to complete their rewrites. After that, they send the MS back to me with original editing notes/comments included, for a final beta read check with light comments (if any) and short feedback letter. At that stage, the MS is ready for the beta readers to inspect and enjoy.

Some of my recent clients include:

The Buchanan Bastard by Dedra L Stevenson

The Nifty Encyclopedia by Alyze Sam

Here are the pricing structures for the 2 types of developmental editing packages:

Light Touch Beta Developmental Read (includes one feedback letter and notes/comments/light research/suggested edits on the MS):

US$7.00 per 1,000 words or portion thereof.

Payment in full upon confirmation of booking.

Intensive Developmental Editing (includes one first round feedback letter on major plot/character issues, notes/comments/suggested edit on the MS; and also includes one second round beta read with final feedback letter after the author completes their rewrite):

US$14.00 per 1000 words (or portion thereof)

US$70.00 per 1000 words for ghostwriting portions of a manuscript (TBD prior to making a booking).

Payment terms: 50% deposit payable upon booking / 40% of the original quoted fee to be paid prior to release of first round feedback letter / remaining 10% of original quoted fee to be paid prior to release of second round beta feedback letter. Ghostwriting payment terms to be discussed and agreed prior to commencement and may be paid in monthly instalments.

Teeny Tiny Pocket World

Price range/rate: £10 per illustration
Location: Lowestoft UK
Genre: Children’s book illustrator

Hi. My name is Jenny and I illustrate children’s books. Contact me for more information.

Examples of work:

Lea Love

Price range/rate: $50-250 PFH
Location: Denver, US
Genre: All

I am a highly trained actress with stage, screen, and audio experience (over 30 years). I am able to bring a punchiness to your book with dimension of characters and voices to make your project really stand out!

My hourly wage is based on finished work (ex. if your project is only one hour long then you only pay for one hour of service). This does include audio editing.

Freya Victoria

Price range/rate: RS-$250/PFH
Location: Dallas, TX USA
Genre: All

Hi! I’m Freya! I started narrating audiobooks and podcasting a little over a year and a half ago. I am absolutely passionate about bringing stories to life (including writing my own book currently) and have a special love for fantasy, romance, and YA dystopian, although I do narrate a little of everything.

I believe communication is one of the most important things on any project and like to make myself available to authors. You can reach me on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok @freya.victoria.narrates or via email

I have a special spot in my heart for self and indie published authors and have narrated over 80 books for Audible and 20 more for my daily fiction podcast I host as Bree Carlile (which is also the name I use to narrate non-fiction).

Halli Starling

Price range/rate: Custom covers range from $50 to $200 ($50 for custom ebook cover, then goes up from there). Editing begins at $50 for short stories up to 5k words. Longer short stories, up to 10k words, are $75. Novellas up to 39k words are $150. Hardship rates for any of my services are available upon request. I offer free sample edits by filling out my editing form ( and sending me your first 5 pages via email (
Location: Michigan, US
Genre: LGBTQ romance, horror, sci-fi, fantasy

As a cover artist, I primarily work on premade covers that only need customization (these are available on my Etsy). For custom covers, I can do ebook only, physical book wraps, and physical dust jackets and reverse jackets.  Current projects include a dust jacket and reverse jacket for a book subscription box.

As an editor, I have years of experience in both creative and professional document writing, editing, and publication. I have a Bachelor’s in English and a Master’s in Library Science and currently work in publishing. I’m available to work on edits from alpha and beta reads to earlier in the process with line and developmental edits, to grammar checks.

Examples of work:

Pixie’s Proofreading Service

Price range/rate: $.005 USD per word
Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA
Genre: All Romance, Sci-fi, Mystery, and all Fantasy

Tired of reading your own book for the 100th time for typos and rogue punctuation? I provide a final touch after your editor but before your book reaches ARC readers. I’ll ensure your final product is ready for publication without error.

Renaissan Publishing Ltd

Price range/rate: $0.0015+/word Proofreading | $40+ Beta Reading | $50+ Book Formatting
Location: Cleveland, Ohio USA
Genre: All

Beta Reading: When you choose my beta reading services, you’re not just receiving a report; you’re gaining a trusted partner in your writing journey. I’m passionate about fostering literary excellence and helping authors like you reach their full potential. I’m committed to supporting your creative vision and providing the guidance you need to make your book shine.

Proofreading: Every word matters, and I understand the importance of error-free writing. I will meticulously scan your document, leaving no stone unturned. Say goodbye to spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and typos that can detract from the brilliance of your work. I will ensure that your manuscript shines with flawless language and impeccable clarity.

Book Formatting (Fiction only):

Don’t let your writing go unnoticed due to lackluster formatting. Choose my professional book formatting services and unlock the true potential of your manuscript. My passion for literary excellence and commitment to perfection will help your book shine in the crowded marketplace.
Embrace the transformation and present your story with pride.
*eBooks are formatted to Amazon KDP industry standards. Print formats are via your choice (Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, Barnes & Noble, etc.).

Rainbow Quill Editing

Price range/rate: $25–50/hr depending on service (payment plans available)
Location: Hattiesburg, MS, United States
Genre: All

Since 2020, Mel (she/her & ve/vir) has been helping queer, disabled, and otherwise marginalized authors make their writing the best it can be. Her specialty is using a combination of line and copy editing to polish and refine her client’s manuscript without compromising their unique narrative voice. While ve is versatile enough for any genre, ve’s most experienced in urban fantasy, why choose, and paranormal/monster romance. With flexible payment plans and optional real-time meetings, Mel meets indie authors where they are and works closely with them to make their work shine.

Hooked On Words Editorial Services

Price range/rate: Pricing dependent on word count and the type of service required. Get in touch for a quote!
Location: United Kingdom
Genre: All

My name is April, and I love reading and writing YA fantasy novels, but I read in different genres as well. I love any fantasy books, but especially those inspired by fairytales or Greek mythology, but I also love a good thriller or a dark or cheeky romance (and my YA stories always have some kind of romance within them). Editing and rewriting my projects is probably my favourite part of the process! I’ve been writing for about eleven years now, since I was fifteen, when I was in love with writing stories on the well-known website, Wattpad.

Since then I’ve written four novels, and I have a degree in Creative Writing. Formerly, I was the Head of Literature for a charity that offers multiple services for young people. My role was to organise writing workshops, a book club, book tour and a blog, among many other things. I also edited many projects for the young people associated with the charity, and this is what inspired me to begin my own freelance editing company! I’m open to different genres and types of writing! I’ve worked on short play scripts in the past, as well as many personal Christian memoirs and a few romance novels based in India. I’ve worked on YA fantasy books, and also some contemporary books, some sci fi books, and I have also worked with a couple of small publishers, helping some of their clients. I love a bit of variety!

The types of genres I really love to edit and have the most experience with:

-Both fantasy and contemporary genres for YA audiences.

-Adult fantasy genres.

-Romance genres for any audience. This includes romance within fantasy stories, eg Sarah J Maas’ style books.


Get in touch for a free sample edit!

Danielle Harrington

Price range/rate: Developmental Edits ($8 per 1000 words). Line Edits ($5 per 1000 words)
Location: Kuna, Idaho, USA
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Mystery, or Thriller preferred. The only genre I do not take is Erotica.

Hi there! I’m a freelance editor who loves working with Indie Authors! 🙂 (I’m also an Indie Author myself.) My goal is to help you strengthen the story YOU want to tell. Revisions can be tough and overwhelming at times, but I’m here to get your book publish-ready. My general vibe as an editor is all about praising the parts of the story that are already amazing while simultaneously giving you specific, pinpointed, and detailed critique to fix the rough patches. I want you to come out of edits with me feeling empowered and excited for your book baby! I’m here to guide your story, hype you up, and cheer you on.

Here’s what I do for DEVELOPMENTAL EDITS: a developmental edit addresses your story as a whole. It tackles the big-picture issues. This edit includes feedback on the pacing, the flow & order of the scenes, the characterization of the cast of characters, the themes, any plot holes, what should be kept or cut from the manuscript, what is & isn’t working, and any other larger adjustments to the overall story arc. The goal of this edit to help you create the strongest possible version of your story. My process involves leaving comments along the sidebar of the manuscript as well as writing an in-depth report of my overall thoughts of the book.  

Here’s what I do for LINE EDITS: a line edit focuses on the sentence and paragraph level of revisions. This edit doesn’t focus on changing the story. We will get nit-picky with word choice, sentence flow, and sentence/paragraph structure. The goal of this edit is to produce a manuscript that reads well, with prose that make sense. My process involves using track changes in a Word Doc (or the suggestion function in Google Docs) to do in-line edits. 

I always offer a sample edit of CH 1 of your manuscript for FREE! That’s super important to me because I want my clients to feel like I’m the right choice for their book baby before they commit to anything. Feel free to reach out for a sample edit at any time, no strings attached.

I can’t wait to work with you! 🙂 <3