My Indie Bookshelf does not and will never have a review function on the site. We are dedicated to this being positive space, and not one that breeds a toxic culture (like Goodreads or Amazon do)

So, we have something better than reviews…. We have the FOR FANS OF section. 

At the bottom of each book listing is a dropdown box called “For Fans Of”, click on that and the dropdown will give you 4 boxes to fill in… Each of these boxes accepts URLs for images. 

(These boxes will auto-populate with URLs that are already submitted.)

You can have images for a book, play, or film, as long as the image itself is portrait (and not square or landscape) and it reflects the book in question, then it is okay!

It will show up on the page like this…  (or you can see it live here)

See? Isn’t this way better than reviews?