A V Davenport


Hi crew!

My pen name is A. V. Davenport, my real name is Anne! 

I have always loved reading and writing and studied literature in London before going on to studying business and working in the tech industry as a senior product manager. Now I am training to be a UX designer and loving the new challenge.

When I am not product managing and writing about pirates I am with my son who just turned 2 years old. 

I live in a very quiet town in Norway after having spent years studying and working in London, Prague, Rome and Barcelona. 

I have always loved writing and litterature. I studied English Litterature and Journalism for BA in London and started writing novels when I was 16. In fact, some of the stories I am working on now are reworkings of novels I wrote 15 years ago! 

I am very interested in the creative process and how stories come to be and live on. For me, writing is almost like a mania with characters that suddenly appear in my mind and demand to be written. They are so alive that I don’t even control the narrative! When this happens I am compelled to write and typically spend days with very little sleep as if there is one thing characters rarely like it’s rest! 

This is why I call myself a chaos writer. My writing flows out if a story grips me and then I have to go back and make sure everything makes sense. This means my editing process takes… a while. I can also imagine it’s a joy for my editor to grapple with! (Want to meet my editor, scroll down to see her bio!)

I love this exciting way of living and writing and hope to bring you many fun adventures and saucy romances in the future!