Amy H.

Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of the Netherlands, she’s a self-professed fantasy geek who stumbled into the world of writing and never looked back. In her early days, she’d weave epic tales exclusively for her patient audience of pets and a collection of well-loved dolls – the OG fan club right there! Her journey as a storyteller began with scribbled rhyming poems in the margins of high school notebooks. Life, however, has a way of steering you in unexpected directions. So, she hopped aboard the digital storytelling train, experimenting with various apps and platforms to give her ideas a fresh and interactive voice. Fast-forward to the present, and she’s living the dream she once doodled in the margins of her math homework. With a bookshelf brimming with old-school sci-fi wonders, a mind filled with mythology and history, and a heart warmed by the fantasy books her dad shared, she’s weaving stories that echo the same sense of wonder she felt as a kid. Tucked away in the Netherlands, she’s fortunate to be surrounded by sandy beaches and a forest straight out of a fairy tale. There’s even an ancient fortress thrown into the mix for that extra touch of magic – talk about a writer’s paradise! When she’s not weaving tales, you can find her wrangling her little humans and taking care of her fur babies who provide equal doses of inspiration and chaos. With her debut novel recently published, her stories are all about whisking you away to worlds where the impossible feels just a stone’s throw away. In these realms, heroes aren’t always the chosen ones, and friendship and bravery take the spotlight against the backdrop of darkness. If you’re up for adventures that transport you from your everyday life to realms of enchantment, she’s got a book (or ten) with your name on it!