Ariadne Breylard

Ariadne Breylard is an author with a passion for crafting fantasy romance novels that are both sweet and spicy. She resides in a beautiful mountainous region, where the natural surroundings provide endless inspiration for her writing. With an infectious imagination and a love for all things fantastical, Ariadne weaves tales of epic love stories, enchanting worlds, and mythical creatures that leave readers spellbound. Her captivating writing style has gained her a dedicated following of readers and won the hearts of fans worldwide, putting her books at the top of Amazon Best Seller Lists. When she’s not writing, Ariadne can be found tending to her garden, filled with an array of vibrant flowers and plants. She also enjoys spending time with her beloved animals and listening to the mystical sounds of fantasia folk music. Keep up to date with Ariadne on her social media: