Arthur Barillas

From a young age, Arthur Barillas fell in love with MATH, and it was because of this love that his parents persisted that he pursue a career in STEM. He forged his career and worked in all types of industries, from Aeronautics, Computer Sales, Power Distribution and Generation, Human Resources, and  Media Transmission. But he bottled his creative side. From a young age, when literature was introduced to him, he would picture these fantastic characters in unusual settings having awesome adventures. Childhood authors Bruce Coville and Louis Sachar inspired his mind for literature. As a teenager, his mind expanded and dug into classics like Treasure Island, The Three Musketeers, and Robinson Crusoe.  International thrillers also caught his eye, jumping into Frederick Forsyth’s worlds. His novels The Day of the Jackal, The Odessa File, The Fourth Protocol, and The Devil’s Alternative just blew his criteria on what spy novels should be. Here he discovered the world of Jack Ryan by Tom Clancy. Late into his teens, he discovered the magical fantasy genre. The worlds of Tolkien and C.S. Lewis granted access to brand-new worlds utterly unrestricted by the sharp boundaries of reality. Through them, he discovered other worlds from other cultures strange to his own but no less magical. The tales from Arabian Nights dazzled his mind, and the dark pages of Anne Rice rattled his senses. With each discovery came a new sense of wonder and a growing passion for building his own worlds. When he became an adult and a parent, he realized that dreams are never too old to come true. He began to work on his first novel, writing his book as a gift for his two-year-old daughter. He hopes that it teaches her that she’s not a damsel in distress but a heroine who is the protagonist of her own story, destined to walk in the path to do good. Before writing his first novel, he wrote stage plays that were presented to a two-thousand-member catholic community. The scripts were a stage adaptation of The Passion of The Christ, followed by a smaller production concerning the life of King David from the book of Samuel. He also dabbled a bit in screenwriting for two short martial art films distributed through youtube.