Ava Thorne

Ava Thorne, a former Google engineer who took a leap of faith and left the corporate world during the pandemic, discovered a new path driven by a deep passion for storytelling. As an author, she explores the realms of fantasy romance, striving to enchant readers with tales of magic and love. Her writing is a testament to her ability to craft compelling characters, drawing readers into a magical world where immersion is guaranteed. Her novels beckon you to explore lush landscapes, meet mystical beings, and, above all, fall in love with stories that warm the heart and leave a lasting imprint. A hopeless romantic at heart, Ava’s storytelling showcases her unwavering passion for weaving the threads of love into the tapestry of her fantasy worlds. Her dedication to the fantasy genre stems from a lifelong love affair, inspired by the works of authors like Tamora Pierce, the allure of JRPG video games, and the ever-mesmerizing world of fantasy television, with a special nod to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Ava Thorne’s enchanting tales invite you to lose yourself in the realms she creates, where the boundaries between magic, adventure, and romance blur, and where love blossoms in the most unexpected of places.