BJ Sikes

BJ Sikes is a 5’6″ ape descendant who is inordinately fond of a good strong cup of tea, Doc Marten boots, and fancy dress. She lives with one large cat, two sweet teenagers, and one editor-author, plus an array of chickens.After writing a dissertation on avocado root rot, she was drawn back to her first love, fiction. Her debut novel, the Archimedean Heart, is the first book in the Roboticist of Versailles world, a French Belle Epoque that never was. A follow-up novella appears in the anthology The Clockwork Oracle. The Vitruvian Mask is the second full novel set in that world.She was the chief cat-wrangler/editor/contributor for three short story anthologies (Twelve Hours Later, Thirty Days Later, and Some Time Later). Her most recent short story was Riverhag, a solarpunk piece in the anthology Next Stop on the #13.Her next book, the Cultist’s Wife, is the story of an Englishwoman who takes her family to 1908 Bahamas and almost loses herself and her children to a sinister cult.The new book will be available as soon as the story goblins allow