Brooklyn Cross

Writing is not just a passion for me. It is a lifeline to my sanity. I have always loved writing but suffer from severe dyslexia and short-term memory retention issues. I struggled in school while I worked every night on re-training my brain. I was frequently treated like I would never succeed, and I found myself putting my love for writing on a shelf. Even at the age of six, I found it easier to communicate with animals than people, which was a big reason why I was drawn to dressage horseback riding. I remained focused on my passion for riding until I had to step away from the competition world for personal reasons. Today, my desire for writing and storytelling has been rekindled. I have published multiple books and will never let anyone or anything hold me back again. I am a proud romance author who offers my readers morally grey heroes, a ton of spice, epic journeys, and redemption stories. -Follow Your Dreams-