Celaena Cuico

It all begins with a nightmare.

Authors have to perfect one skill: in order to make a reader feel the pain, triumph, devastation, and euphoria that a character feels, an author must be exceptional at the art of manipulation. I hope you’ll join me on my journey to master that craft.

“I have been obsessed with the idea of writing novels since I was a child. As I believed that very few are able to perfect the craft and actually make a living out of it, I took another path. At the age of 26, I graduated with my Masters in Clinical Psychology. Learning the ins and outs of how humans think, feel, and act has become a craft of its own. Being able to take a thought and turn it into action is a function that happens automatically in our brains, we don’t have to do anything other than think. However, being able to take those thoughts and pathways to action and put it into words, is another thing.

I will never assume I am perfect or someone who has mastered the art of writing, but what I do have is passion. With that passion, I hope to create a world (or a few worlds) that readers can get lost in. My goal is for you as a reader to take my characters and become them, identify with them. The only way I see that happening is if I put a little bit of myself into each character, which I have done. My own history of sexual/physical assault, psychological abuse, and other horrible things, have shaped me into the person I am today. I only hope that I can use my real life experiences to mold characters you will love and characters you will root for. I only ask that you remember that not all stories have a happy ending.”

— Celaena

Celaena Cuico (sell-ay-nuh coo-we-co) is a 27 year old bisexual female that was born and raised in Southern California. She was raised with two parents and an older sister, as well as an army of animals. Celaena endured hardships such as an abusive significant other and the unknown that comes with moving across the country twice for a job. She is the author of The Diadem, a series about a young girl thrown into a life of jumping from kingdom to kingdom to survive. The first book, Glass and Bone, is expected to be released Fall/Winter 2023.