Clare Kirk-George

Clare Kirk-George, originally from Northampton, has lived on the South-East Coast for the past twenty-seven years. Meeting her husband Andrew and then having two children together during that time, Clare’s a former nurse now medically retired. As an animal lover Clare refused to eat meat from the age of twelve, and has been a vegetarian ever since, and adores her two very mischievous Siamese cats. When life as she knew it, was gradually taken away from her, a piece at a time, due to chronic long term illness the world around her changed. First she had to grieve her old life, and then adapt to her new one. Falling in love with reading again was one of those adaptations, because even on her worst days she could still lose herself in the story and enter into the never-ending world of books. Encouraged by her family Clare started to write, ideas started to fly around in her head and some she jotted down in a notebook. The ideas started to find their way into her most lucid dreams, and her first book was written, The Hidden Angel’s Daughter, born from her fascination with Angel’s. Clare loves listening to music as she writes, a combination of pop/rock and alternative, and often uses that as inspiration, citing those songs during the story. She has a fascination with teen romance and fantasy, as well as science fiction, and horror. Clare will happily binge watch the latest series on .whatever platform or superhero movie, not forgetting her obsessive habit of Hallmark movies leading up to Christmas.