Debra E Blaine MD

After decades of practicing medicine, I became an author. It was partly a creative diversion to dispel the moral injury facing so many doctors today and partly because I wanted to speak out about our culture in a companionable way. But writing became so gratifying that it is now my priority. I started with thrillers, and very soon began to add science fiction-like themes. Those began as urban sci-fi, or situations that should be preposterous (like brainwashing the entire population), but circumstances ultimately demanded I move on to outer space. Science fiction has always been an opportunity to describe what may come to pass if we are not vigilant about the choices we make. If I could have my wildest dreams come true, it would be to know my novels influence a few more humans to practice tolerance, compassion, and integrity, and make the world just a little bit better for our children. I love animals and nature, and cats frequently appear in my stories. And in one case, the fate of our heroes literally hangs on a Maine Coon’s love for a little girl.