Demitria Douglas

Demitria Douglas is an emerging Canadian author of fantasy with a nod to darker elements such as horror as well as romance. Her first series, The King’s Collared, begins with The Collared Empress and follows the story of Warlord Jared Grey and his collared elven user Empress. The King’s Collared is a six part series written as one project to ensure continuity. Demitria focuses on world building and meaningful relationships between characters, bringing a modern sense to traditional fantasy. Other works by Demitria are coming soon, including PRETTY LITTLE THINGS AND THE MEN WHO EAT THEM, a standalone story filled with passion and vice, Purple Allium, a standalone novel about Cerise and her lady-love Evelyn, and Wolf Daughter, a trilogy featuring James Birch and Katja Wolventongue, a twist on modern fantasy stories. Another upcoming standalone novel is Handmaidens, a spicier story about Handmaiden Shrike and her service to Death Herself.