Desiree Moore

When Desiree Moore decided to write a book based on her life story, she struggled to determine where to begin and end. However, after a chance encounter with a long-forgotten friend, Desiree realized her memories were not all intact, and she was inspired to create Helen—a woman with dissociative amnesia. Desiree used Helen as a vessel to tell her story about being raised by addicts, teen pregnancy, child loss, and the overwhelming guilt she has carried with her through life. Although a work of fiction, this story is the most honest thing Desiree has ever done. Desiree Moore spent nearly a decade honing her craft, writing short stories, poetry, and pieces that reflect the many facets of her being. Her work reflects her lived experiences and the many people who have touched her life. Desiree holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts from Colorado State University and a Master of Humanities from Tiffin University. Through her writing, she hopes to foster empathy within her readers and bring awareness to complex topics and issues.