E.L. Grover

E.L. Grover was born in a small town in Kansas and grew up on a ranch in Nebraska. Formative years being spent around cattle and horses, one would not suspect him of becoming a science fiction fan. After all, who grows up watching and reading westerns then jumps to science fiction, or fantasy for that matter? There was exposure to classic adventure literature as well. Sherlock Holmes to The Three Musketeers, and even Tom Sawyer. College introduced him to high fantasy and science fiction stories. Authors like Dan Brown and Tom Clancy, RA Salvatore, Robert Jordan and so on. He was even inspired to write a high fantasy story. Though it didn’t take off, it did set a stage he often visited. First trying to write in a notebook, and later trying on the computer. Though doomed to fail the project had shown him he had the desire for more of this type of writing. He just needed a guide.
After college, he wrote the occasional short story on a forum, and was asked by a peer if he had ever tried to write a novel. It took time, and energy to convince him to try. Given some guidance and tools, the journey began.