Gillian C Kitson-Rowntree

Gillian Kitson-Rowntree is a talented artist and storyteller, born in November 1963 in Thornton Bradford, West Yorkshire. Although she attended Keighley Art College, Gillian initially did not pursue her artistic aspirations. It wasn’t until recently that she reignited her passion for art and began illustrating stories she had written for her children approximately 20 or 30 years ago. Having raised her three children, Joshua (28), Rosie (24), and Holly (21), Gillian decided to delve back into her creative pursuits. In 2002, she relocated from Yorkshire to the Midlands, where she wholeheartedly pursued her various creative passions. Although she initially focused on designing and handcrafting clothing, jewelry, and later candles, Gillian’s true love had always been drawing and painting. Now, in the present day, Gillian is joyously combining her imaginative storytelling skills with her artistic talent. She continues to craft new chapters and exciting adventures for the stories she created for her children long ago. Her library of stories is growing, with each new illustration and chapter adding depth and delight to her collection. Gillian Kitson-Rowntree’s journey is an inspiring testament to the power of following one’s passions. Through her art and storytelling, she has found a fulfilling creative outlet and is sharing her imaginative worlds with a wider audience. Gillian’s determination to pursue her dreams serves as an inspiration to all who wish to embrace their talents and dedicate themselves to their true passions.