Jasmine Swinburne

Jasmine Swinburne is a self-published author currently living in Oxford, UK. She has a wonderfully supportive partner, two sons, a Frenchie—who sure acts like another child—and a snowshoe kitten. At present, she has one published novel, Princess of the Broken, an Adult Fantasy Rapunzel retelling. Beyond writing, she is also a lover of all things books, reading, admiring, hoarding. Especially the hoarding. She is a firm believer that musical theatre is the key to a long and happy life. Her dreams of becoming an author started between the pages of the first Twilight novel. The notepads filled with god-awful vampire stories still live to tell the tale. Though her writing has developed, her taste for vampires has not. Edward Cullen will forever remain to have a place in her heart. Jasmine writes adult fantasy, romance and horror.