Jordan Dugdale

Jordan Dugdale grew up outside of Kansas City, Missouri, where they still reside. Growing up, she surrounded herself in getting lost in fantasy worlds, whether that was searching for dragons in her neighborhood with her brother, writing fantasy stories with her sister, hunting zombies in video games with her father, or consuming as much fantasy novels as they could get their hands on.

She spends most of her time reading or writing fantasy novels, playing tabletop roleplaying games, playing video games with her siblings and boyfriend, or running her small crystal business. You can also find her snuggling her three dogs: Bombur, Pippin, and Morty.

Fantasy worlds and writing have always been her deep-seated passion, and she has spent the last 10+ years developing Vilanthris with her brother, Josh.

The Tidings of Misfits is her debut and the first book in their dark epic fantasy series, the Whispered Tales.