Karly R. Latham

Hi, hello… I discovered my love for books in my elementary school library when I first read Nancy Drew. I devoured every book I could get my hands on, and my hunger for suspenseful mysteries never left me. During a prolonged period of stress, I began to take refuge once again in horror. Finding an odd sense of comfort in the macabre- I am particularly drawn to the books and films with the final girl—the one who has been to hell and back and survives. Psychological horror draws me in, and those are the stories I want to tell. I crave a deeper understanding of why we are the way we are and the way that fear can shape our lives. I am a native Texan, hiding in the AC year-round with my three spawns and polar bear masquerading as a dog. Honorable mention goes to my cat, who insists on being a terror. Outside of my life as a writer of terrible things, I am a tarot reader and medium. I specialize in helping my clients, the living and the dead, better understand their dark side. To keep up with me find my socials: @karly.latham