KJ Burrage

I am an author that currently calls tropical North Queensland, Australia home. I have been developing my craft since I was ten years old. Alas, my original floppy discs from 1995 have disappeared! I currently live with my three young daughters, a fiery red-head and identical twins. An exuberant pug-cross named Zoey and a gorgeous blue parrot called Phoenix also calls me mum. As a little girl, I had a dreamed that I would become just like CS Lewis. When I grew up I decided I wanted to be JRR Tolkien. Now, I’ve learnt to be content with being myself. KJ Burrage suits me just fine. I have a Bachelor Degree in Primary Education with a major in literacy and worked as a primary school teacher. Along with teaching I have also been a co-owner in my own laser engraving business, designing customised and unique giftware. Life can be unpredictable (and unfair). After the sudden and tragic death of my husband, I returned to my passion of the written word. I first began to write picture books for my girls to help them understand and come to terms with their loss. I continued to write. The rest is history.