L.C. Estallene

Hello, fellow book junkies! I’m L.C. Estallene and I write what I want to read! I am a neurodivergent chick and I want to reach other ADHD and spectrum peeps with a writing style that I am still working to tailor toward people like myself! I love character-driven, fast-paced writing. My chapters are atypically short because… WELL… so is my attention span! I love a vast swathe of different genres! My first novella; “Sundown” is a quick 18+ spicy romance with lots of themes and a sequel in the works! At home, I like to curl up with a cat and a book. I love my two geriatric horses more than anything in the world. Lots of authors want their name and face on book covers but I REALLY don’t… (hello social anxiety!) I am a deeply private, boring homebody to my core and am going to attempt anonymity. That said; you may never see my face BUT… I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! I love feedback! Lovely to meet you! ~L.C. Estallene