Luana Giunta

Born in September 1977, to loving parents, I spent almost all my life in Rome, Italy. I was a silent kid but always managed to get myself into some loud trouble.

I am a multi-genre fiction author with a soft spot for romance. My intense daydreaming fuelled my writing journey. I don’t outline my stories, letting the voices in my head do the talk. I enter my characters’ worlds and I discover what happens in the same way a reader would.

In my stories, you will find drama, lots of it, but also people who won’t give up on overcoming adversity – especially related to mental illnesses. I hope you will love my characters as much as I do.

Writing is an experience I’ll be forever grateful for, and I aim to inspire and help people with my books.

In my spare time, I can be found on my social media accounts interacting with friends, but also strangers. I’m a curious person and I love to find out about other people’s interests.

On Twitter, alongside my pictures of shopping trolleys, I post poetry prompts. Although people say I’m good at poetry, I consider it a hobby as I do watching videos of squirrels – aren’t they adorable?