M.K. Williams

M.K. Williams writes suspenseful literary fiction for the contemporary reader. Her body of work is comprised of multiple novels, and a collection of short stories. Her first novel, Nailbiters, is an apocalyptic science-fiction thriller that has kept audiences up all night since its debut in 2015. The sequel, Architects, follows a new set of characters as they navigate the dystopian world created in the aftermath of the invasion. Her second novel, Enemies of Peace, is a cautionary tale of the American Dream gone awry. This domestic thriller has shocked audiences who never saw the final twist coming. Her latest series is a time-travel saga set across multiple universes, The Infinite-Infinite is the first in a series of feminist science fiction books across the multiverse. Williams’ writing influences include a lifetime of watching suspenseful mysteries and action movies and reading Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, Ian McEwan, and Lauren Beukes.