Marie Q Rogers

When not traveling, Marie Q Rogers has nothing better to do than wander the woods of North Florida, thinking about curious things. Her musings have evolved into several novels, including Trials by Fire, recipient of a 2020 Royal Palm Literary Award and a 2022 Firebird Award, and its sequel, Quest for Namai. She is now working on a prequel. Other novels are Season of the Dove and Notebooks Hidden in an Abandoned House, which can be found on Kindle Vella. Her short pieces have been published in Bacopa Literary Review, Pilcrow & Dagger, Eckerd Review, and Local Lives in a Global Pandemic: Stories from North Central Florida. She studied Literature at Eckerd College and did graduate work at the University of Florida. Her favorite reads include classical literature, especially Charles Dickens; science fiction, including Robert Heinlein; the masterpieces of J. R. R. Tolkien; and just about anything else that catches her fancy. Among her many interests is edible wild plants and herbs. Her knowledge of wild-crafting came in handy in writing Trials by Fire.