Michelle Summers

Michelle Summers has been writing since age eight, when she wrote a script that she hoped would be made into a movie starring herself, with Tom Cruise and Meg Ryan as her parents. Michelle has a B.A. in Studio Art and years of experience as a manager in retail. These helped her land the prestigious job of an abused executive assistant which she inevitably quit, to be a freelance graphic designer, and when that failed, a trophy wife. Michelle is most proud of the three little spitfires she is raising, although she regrets to have imbued them with all of her sass and smart-assery. In her free time, which she doesn’t really have but makes happen for the sake of her sanity, she loves training in martial arts, even if she can barely get her feet off of the ground for her jumping kicks. She also enjoys volunteering in her community, a suburb in the metropolitan New York area.