Mike Kernan

Mike Kernan might be a late starter as an author but he has been writing for a living since he was 17, as an award-winning journalist on local weeklies, TV and national dailies. He spent the last 20 years of his career as an executive on Scotland’s biggest selling daily newspaper. After taking early retirement in 2017, he lectured in journalism at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, and started writing the stories that have been in his head and on various scattered notes for decades. He wrote and published his first novel, a coming-of-age story titled The Fenian, as a lockdown project in 2020. Its sequel, Stopping To Rain, followed in 2023. He is now working on the third book in the series. In between publishing his two novels, he released a non-fiction book on angling, Fishing In The Sun. He still writes a weekly column on fishing for a national newspaper. Father-of-three Mike was born in Glasgow and grew up in the Scottish new town of Cumbernauld, where his first two novels are set. He now lives with wife Margaret on Scotland’s beautiful west coast where he revels in the role of Big Man to grandson and best pal Jimmy.