Nanna Wrinkles

Nanna Wrinkles is a retired army drill sergeant who moved away from training soldiers to take on a tranquil career of cat herding. ​When this proved fruitless, she took on the challenges of watching every soap opera which she found confusing, as most characters shared the same names and similar plot lines across different shows. After adopting many of the cats she tried to herd previously, she discovered life with many animals to be expensive and thus, her cupboards became bare. This compelled her to establish a charitable organisation named GimmeSumCashToFeedMeCatsFund. Unfortunately, nobody contributed to the charity. Lonely, after giving up her cats to people who could look after them, Nanna Wrinkles turned to volunteer her time at the local library, where she enjoyed telling people off for talking too loudly. Surrounded by books all day, Nanna Wrinkles felt inspired and penned her first book, My Kitty. Nanna Wrinkles continues to spend her time at the local library where she  enjoys reading, telling people to be quiet, and quietly sneaking chocolates out of the librarian’s office.