Oleander Blume


am a former cosmetologist turned truck driver. And now,  in a surprising turn of events, an author too! In my spare time, while not planning the next entry in my debut series, Caring for Your Clown, I enjoy writing songs, poetry, and instrumental music of various sorts. Don’t worry, that’s probably not ever going to get published! By far, my interests lie strongly in the creative arts. 

Art and Animation are my biggest creative influence, and when NOT daydreaming for hours at a time about what probably awful thing I’m going to do to my characters next, I like to work on short and usually not that great animations.  

CFYC is my first time writing to publish and I wanted to have a wacky series with lots of inclusivity. Plus, I’m trans, and having books with a trans protagonist was a bit of a must for me. I believe representation matters a lot, so I look forward to writing more books with characters from all walks of life! 

I am also a survivor of extensive childhood trauma and abuse, most of which no one but my closest friends and family will ever be privy to. The stories I write all come from this perspective and are undoubtedly heavily rooted in my experience growing up. 

My goal as an author is to provide a voice –as best as I can– to the kids who were like me, and for the adults like me now. 

Trauma is hard to heal from. It hurts, and it’s easy to make mistakes, walk a little backwards, it is so easy to give up. The journey is long, and ugly, and arduous. But it is possible.