PP Savage

PP Savage was born in 1986 in Denver, Colorado. A few years later, his family moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where he would call home. There in the hot desert, he began making home movies with his friends using the family camcorder. Little did he know that these grainy, unsteady videos would ignite his tenacious imagination and ultimately fuel a lifelong love of storytelling. His teen years were full of living endless (mis)adventures and getting by in school with as little effort as possible. PP Savage credits his mother Ann for his survival of these escapades and his miraculous emergence as a contributing member of society. Fast forward to 2009. PP Savage graduated from the prestigious – correction – party school: the University of Arizona as a naval officer. He was also selected for Naval Flight School, fulfilling a lifelong desire to fly. After a year of planes, helicopters, beaches, and beers in Pensacola, Florida, he earned his wings. The next stop was sunny San Diego, where he learned to fly the MH-60S Seahawk helicopter and checked into his first fleet squadron after almost two years of flight training. PP Savage learned a ton but maintained his own distinctive style as he qualified as second pilot, then aircraft commander. Two deployments sailing around the world, dozens of port visits, and hundred dollar bill font “AMERICA” chest tattoo later, PP Savage was ready for his next challenge. What could be more fun and dangerous than the 800 hours flying with his first squadron? How about flying with pilots who have zero clue how to actually fly? If anyone could keep PP Savage on his toes, it would be the “nugget” pilots at the training squadron. So, he accepted a position as an instructor pilot from 2015 to 2018. It was during his time as an instructor that he honed his ability to appreciate different life perspectives, an inclination that inspired his multi-perspective writing style. At the training squadron, his challenge was to appreciate the viewpoint of newbie pilots still learning to use the “uppy-downy” stick and the “lefty-righty” stick. Having been in their shoes not too long ago, PP Savage enjoyed infusing the young officers with confidence and just enough know-how to keep themselves alive. It was also a good time to get the wrong helicopter tattooed on his calf. After three years, PP Savage returned to an operational squadron as the subject matter expert for a new mission for his helicopter. He was ready to get back to more technical flying. He loved working closely with his maintenance team and watching the young blood he had taught to fly come into their own.  The next two years cruised by, and he had a big decision to make. The Navy had given him eleven years of traveling, exploring, sailing, flying, conversing, and imbibing all around the world. He still loved flying the crazy contraption that is a helicopter. But, ultimately, a part of him knew there was more to explore beyond aviation. And so his writing venture began. So, after eleven years of helicopter rides, it was time to move on. And it’s been an adventure ever since. PP Savage got locked away by a pandemic, married the love of his life, and had an amazing daughter and son. He also rediscovered his passion for sharing stories with the world. He found that his adventures and humor from the Navy provided the perfect foundation for bringing all kinds of stories to life. Vladimir Poopin: The Stinky Autocrap is P.P. Savage’s first children’s book, but it won’t be his last. In addition to children’s books, PP Savage has enjoyed writing a variety of adult fiction content, including a few TV show pilots and a full-length screenplay. His four-part science fiction novel, The Sideways 8: Indefinite Fate (Book One) was published in the spring of 2023. If there’s a story to tell, PP Savage will figure out how to write it.