Raine Willis

Raine lives in Vermont. They enjoy curling up with a good book and a warm cup of tea. They’re a librarian and spend their days off hanging with their cat Mouse. They chose to write stories because books were always their escape and comfort in the chaos of the world, but there weren’t many characters like them. They were told their entire life that they were never going to be able to accomplish their dreams because of their autism by people outside of their immediate family. Now they hope their stories will inspire others to ignore the negative things people say, because no matter where you come from, you can accomplish your dreams. They want to give voices to the stories of people that don’t usually get told. Because everyone deserves a voice. They want the next generation to grow up reading about characters that are reflections of themselves.

You can find them online:   TikTok: @author_raine_willis

Instagram: @author_raine_willis