Raquel Raelynn

Raquel Raelynn Simpson is a Black-American writer, born and raised in Washington state, and “The Balance of Fates” is her debut novel. She is the second youngest of ten siblings, a twin, and the proud aunt of many wonderful nieces and nephews. Growing up, Raquel was surrounded by teachers and authors that stoked her love of writing. Teachers are the unsung heroes who have inspired and pushed her to follow her passions, work hard, and believe she could do anything so long as she has the hunger to learn and grow. Through the books she read, Raquel found a home and escape to different worlds when she felt alone. Now, as an adult, Raquel is passionate about writing romance and fantasy books that all people can see themselves in. Her mission is to create books that people can get lost in and find a place to belong when they feel alone, just as she did.