Ross McFarlane

Age. 52
Born. paisley
D O B 26/09/1969
Married to Dale since 2001

School 1982 to 1986 Ravenspark academy
College 2007 to 2008 NC in communication and media at James watt college Kilwinning
2008 to 2009 H N C in communication andmedia at James Watt College Kilwinning the went to Glasgow College to do a H N D in communication and Media.
Live in saltcoats and work at the moment in a garage since 2018. Before that I worked In a key store doing retail and supermarkets before that for about 7 years. Done care work before going into retail.
I went to a writers group Where I had three poems published in their own publication and have since went into write two stories

Love attending conventions where I have met loads of stars from TV and film. Love horror films. Going to wrestling events, cinema, meeting new friends.
I am an outgoing person who loves to chat and meet new friends and have a very imaginative Mind when getting ideas for my writing.