T.W. Clawson

Tyler began studying film and media in Tempe Arizona in 2007, and soon found himself fascinated with the storytelling process. The ability to create worlds, and bring emotion to the surface using the power of imagination. Common connection, mutual experiences, ideas that span lifetimes are what capture Clawson’s mind.   Quickly, Tyler began writing his first story. A graphic Novel that would incorporate his intense and undying love for comic books and the philosophical, theological and logical questions that ran through his mind. Finding the adventure of writing to be just as entertaining as that of reading, he continued on with his first fantasy novel series, realizing that he was terrible at writing, he thought that maybe he should practice before taking on the EPIC FANTASY that rolled through his mind.   On July 11th, 2015 Tyler married the biggest nerd he had met, and she blessed his life in more ways than one. She gave him the inspiration to continue his pursuit of novels. He then wrote a book to her as a Christmas gift and self published it, so that he could show the world how much she inspired him. “Rebecca Moon & the Boy in the Bottle” is available on amazon.   Tyler began Podcasting about the same time as writing. When he was able to develop this skill into way to build his own studio he roped a friend into starting “Between Lewis & Lovecraft” with him. Together they deep dive into the stories of authors lives and creations, with the hope that they will come out the other side as better authors.   In 2022 Tyler began writing and publishing a short story series called The Penny Lich. It combines his two favorite tings in the world, Fantasy and Sitcoms. It is available where ever you get your books.   As well, Tyler Produced “The Players Guild” an actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast that allows Tyler to pretend like he knows what he’s doing as a storyteller every couple weeks.