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ブキちゃんと『ピン』の化け物 塗り絵

Doggo Drawer Edition | A Coloring Story Book For Japanese Language Learners

Publisher: Ruff Publishing
Book type: Activity Book | How To | Non Fiction | Picture Book
Age: Middle-Grade Fiction (8-12)
Genre: How To
Sub Genre: Adventure · Family · Humour
Language: EnglishJapanese
Key Phrases: coloring book · japanese · Language Learning
Want to color-in some adorable story book pages as you practice Japanese? Well, I have the book for you!

This is the Doggo Drawer Edition of Buuki and the Pinging Monster (ブキちゃんと『ピン』の化け物). This coloring book contains a story about a dog named Buuki, and is written in Japanese. The book has furigana only on the first occurrence of every kanji, and is targeted toward Japanese Learners. This picture book includes a grammar explaining the grammar points that show up within the story of “Buuki and the Pinging Monster” ブキちゃんと『ピン』の化け物

  • 23 illustrations for you to color in
  • Single-sided and to prevent bleed-through to other pages.
  • Comes with the Audiobook
  • A grammar is written in English analyzing the grammar that shows up in ブキちゃんと『ピン』の化け物
    • (13 pages)
  • 塗り絵
  • 絵本
  • かわいい子犬

This does not include an English translation of the story ブキちゃんと『ピン』の化け物. However, the grammar does have a couple of translations for the purpose of illustrating the meaning behind certain grammar points.

Thank you to all those who backed the original Kickstarter

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