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A Realm of Dark Fury

The Lost Heirs Book 1

Publisher: Independently Published
Year of Publication: 2023
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Dark Fantasy · Horror
Sub Genre: Dark Romance
Language: English
“The absolute beauty of this book is breathtaking.”
– Felicia Raads
In an arena of death, it is not what you hope to win – but what you are willing to lose

Before she could even rule, war stole Elara’s kingdom and her freedom. To claim it back, she must risk it all within the Pit: a series of brutal tournaments held by her captor, King Theron. But just surviving might be even harder than winning, especially when her only ally here is her enemy.

Rook, Prince of the Night Demons, hates everything about Elara and the Fae, the ones who abandoned him and his people during the Uprising years ago. Now enslaved to Theron, he’s instructed to prepare Elara for the Pit, though the only thing he wants is to see her dead.

As the trials become more twisted, with just each other to turn to for comfort, a strange attraction brings them closer together. But looming revelations of the Uprising could shatter everything they thought they knew about themselves and their world. And in such a compassionless place as the Pit, fighting for love may be the hardest challenge yet.

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