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All About Horses: Activity & Coloring Book

Publisher: self
Book type: Activity Book
Age: Middle-Grade Fiction (8-12)
Genre: Childrens
Sub Genre: Family · Outdoors
Language: English
Key Phrases: Equestrian · Horse Books · Horses · puzzle books
“I got this book for my daughters who are ages 7 and 10 and it includes a range of activities for both of them that are informative, challenging, and fun.”

This book is filled with puzzles, games, activities and coloring pages to help you learn all about horses! From parts of the horse, to colors and treats, do crosswords, word searches, jumbles, mazes and more. Coloring pages are one sided so you can tear out your masterpiece to display. Many of the puzzle and activity pages also include pictures to be colored.

Fun for all ages, but most suitable for 7-12 year olds. Some puzzles are easy, others might give you a bit of a challenge! These fun filled pages will be any horse-lovers dream. Whether you have a horse or only dream of riding, there’s enough knowledge in here to spark the imagination and inspire further learning.

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